Do you like to chat over coffee but can not always meet in person? That's where Converge Coffee comes in. The best ideas I have come up with were meeting over coffee. The best conversations were focused around startups. Lately, I have been so busy marketing a startup - WorkHere. I do not have the time to meet every single morning. That's why Converge Coffee is a virtual coffee meeting.

Why meet virtually? Are not there other webinars and podcasts? Yes... there are a whole slew of them. Converge Coffee brings experienced entrepreneurs with startup or innovative companies. I'm hoping we can dive deeper into best marketing practices. Entrepreneurs struggle each day on how to convince others to buy their idea. Converge Coffee model does not stop with the webinar. Conversations open up to connect other participants and gain advice to market better. As an added benefit, you will get recordings and custom slide decks after coffee.

We meet once a month - for now. If you would like to be on the list, sign up and receive an email when we'll meet up. You will join over 11,000 other innovative people. Look forward to see you at the coffee table.

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