Do you like to chat over coffee but can not always meet in person? That's where Converge Coffee comes in. The best ideas I have come up with were meeting over coffee. The best conversations were focused around how to make ideas efficient and can execute quickly. Lately, I have been so busy marketing. I do not have the time to meet every single morning. That's why Converge Coffee is a virtual coffee meeting.


Why meet virtually? Are there not other webinars and podcasts? Yes... there are a whole slew of them. Converge Coffee brings experienced entrepreneurs and innovators together to this coffee meeting. I'm hoping we can dive deeper into best business practices around growth marketing using agile, account based, startup/grassroots, and other marketing strategies. Everyone struggles each day on how to convince others to buy their idea let alone execute or scale the idea. Marketing has become such an important factor with sales, customer service, and recruiting. That's why this podcast welcomes different views to converge at one coffee table.


Converge Coffee connects you with proven folks who have scaled businesses and offer a successful mentality to their approach. You get each speaker's wisdom like you were sitting right across the coffee table. Each episode will be packed with information at your finger tips. Think of this podcast as talking to the speaker right across the table and  you are not paying an arm and a leg to listen to them like you would at a conference. And you will walk away with content to actually use. No more 5 How to... or 3 Reasons Why. Their advice goes deeper than the fluff. We dive deep in not only marketing but how marketing connects with sales, customer service, and recruiting. Today, each business operation to grow the business either through customers or employees converges back to marketing.

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