SS110 (SeanSullivan110) - my personal brand to send referrals. 

SS110 (SeanSullivan110) - my personal brand to send referrals. 

About Me

I’m a process-oriented thinker with strong analytic and reporting capabilities. But don't let that fool you... I'm not a numbers nerd who sits behind a desk pushing his duct-taped glasses up his nose. I’m an outgoing, team-oriented professional with a growing network. Leveraging others' strengths is my passion. Oh, and I have a strong digital marketing background to boot.

New software solutions excite me, which is why I pursue continuing education. If I'm being honest, I've found success. But I didn't get here alone; my maturing network of talented individuals empowers me to be successful. I’ve built customer vertical reports all the way to setting up lead generation processes. These experiences have allowed me to stretch marketing budgets to their furthest capacity.

Help You

I've networked extensively over the past +6 years. Since I was 3 or 4, my mom taught me to stick out my hand and introduce myself. I haven't turned down a time not to meet knew people. My network is my wealth and take pride in helping others build their wealth too. My only ask is scheduling 30 minutes with me. We work together on sending out 20 quality introductions to my network. I'm putting my brand on the line and only ask for $50.