Measurable Expectations

Startup Marketing Guy is a place where you can ask questions about your marketing. You'll get actionable advice. My (Sean Sullivan) specialities are:

  • Digital advertising using a keyword analysis using SEO and PPC and using an insights analysis using Google, Bing, and social media
  • Building visualized reports narrowing down on what is working, what is not working, and offering recommedations
  • Building out podcasts - like Converge Coffee
  • Providing insight on how to get quality leads

Where do you start?



You might've had some success but then it stopped. How do you start again? I get you back on track.



Maybe you've got a good start but don't know how to build out your success. I help build out processes.



Growing is the hardest part of a startup. I grow and setup tactics increasing qualified leads.

Lets meet!

Find time. I will reach via email or phone to ask you specific questions to get the ball rolling.