Indy has great collaborative environments – like The Speak Easy and Verge – that cultivate imagination. I’m passionate about connecting and growing with talented and innovative people, which is why I started Converge Street – to celebrate and encourage ingenuity.

Converge Street is a place where marketers can collaborate on one another’s ingenuity. From Carmel’s downtown to Fountain Square and everywhere in between, Indy was partially created by smart, creative marketers. At Converge Street, our main purpose is to provide a place to share in one another’s marketing successes. We want to break down the walls of jealousy between Indy marketers and tell about people’s product marketing successes.

Converge Street is a place where people can support Indiana (Indy) and individual (Indie) marketers by showcasing their hard work. Our mission focuses on great marketing and building this community.

We’re always on the hunt to interview Indy/Indie entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners. Are you an entrepreneur or a marketer working on showcasing a product? Or do you know someone we should interview? We'd love to meet them and showcase them on Converge Coffee.


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